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eCommerce Design

We craft online stores with extensive functionality including gift vouchers, coupons, branded emails, season lookbooks, blogs, store locators, wholesale accounts and far more.

The stores that we design and build…

Integrate with the tools that power your business

We’ve integrated online stores with dozens of services, cutting out hours of work a day processing orders, customer service requests, accounting systems, online payment and often most importantly, freight and shipping solutions so you’re not out of pocket for getting your orders out the door.

eCommerce Software

and dozens more…

Prana Chai Mobile

Work beautifully on your mobile, tablet and PC

People don’t shop the way that they did a year ago. We know a world where people pin, view on their mobile on the train, purchase at home later, share the things they love and become your best marketing tools.

The stores that we craft are designed and built with mobile commerce in mind.

Your brand looks polished across all devices.

Come with leading eCommerce thinking & knowledge

Together we’ve sold 3 businesses, worked in 4 continents, started a charity, won a Melbourne city business of the year award, been named in Australia’s top 30 founders to watch, written for StartUp Smart, had projects on the front page of Mashable, worked with businesses such as T2, TripleM and Armani and strategised for home grown Aussie brands transforming traditional business models into eCommerce success stories.

We’ve dedicated all of these skills and experiences into growing our clients eCommerce brands.

What working with us means for you…

Saves you time

Connecting platforms removes tons of manual labour required to export, review and reconcile data and frees you up for more strategic thinking. We know what platforms work with what, if there are any downfalls and what is best suited to your business.

Saves you money

Staff resources aren’t bogged down with menial admin tasks and in turn less shipping returns & losses happen via human error. Cheap solutions increase the time it takes to run your online store. We only develop things that work beautifully.

You’ll do it properly

Noone knows ecommerce better than us. We’re not your typical web geeks. We’ve been there and done it with our own brands, and grown clients from startups to multi-million dollar eCommerce businesses.

You’ve got a partner to grow with

As you scale, your needs change. We work with clients on an ongoing basis to solve their scaling issues, keep their eCommerce experience fresh and best of industry.

Which Platform should you choose?

WooCommerce Developer


WooCommerce is powerful yet easy to use with heavy integration with your favourite marketing and accounting tools. The power of WooCommerce is the virtually limitless customization we can do to it, from anything to the front-end shopping experience to streamlining the backend reporting and administration for your needs.

Powering more than 240,000 ecommerce sites, Magento is the natural fit as the next step up from WooCommerce.

It’s a powerful platform that fits beautifully for businesses that are starting to do some good numbers online, want something thats able to handle the next level of growth and integrate with virtually any of their existing software.

Perfect For…
You want stunning design but something that your small team with little ecommerce experience can manage. Basically, you want a better online store than anyone in your industry but don’t absolutely need the extra Magento features.
You have budget, good internal resources and expect to hit scale. You’re probably looking to sell overseas as well.

Starting from $15k
Starting from $35k
Project Length

Project lengths are determined by the size of the site, integrations and budget scope for creative.

5 – 12 weeks

Quicker to develop for.

10 – 20 weeks

More complex and time-consuming.

Further research
For some, Magento is amazing. For others, it’s too big of a beast to handle and WooCommerce is the way to go. Here’s some links to help you to choose the right platform to base your eCommerce upgrade on.

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