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General Assembly workshop:
Building a successful e-commerce business

Ecommerce Workshop Melbourne - General Assembly

On 7th October 2015, 6:30 8 pm at General Assembly Melbourne

Next month I’ll be running an ecommerce workshop for beginners and established retailers looking to make more online.
If you’re keen to learn what to takes to build a strong foundation for a successful ecommerce business,
I’d love to see you in class. Here are the details…

About the Class

Australian ecommerce sales are tipped to top $17 billion in 2015 and when coupled with increasingly lower barriers to entry via easy to use ecommerce platforms, the time has never been better to get a piece of the action. Building and running a profitable ecommerce business however, is a whole different ball game that needs a strong foundation.

This workshop will demystify all the elements it takes to run a successful e-commerce business, including how to drive traffic to an e-commerce site, how to make visitors buy your stuff and everything else that needs to happen behind the scenes to increase new sales and repeat business. This workshop will be useful to beginners in e-commerce as well as established brands looking to improve their online sales


• How to attract a following ahead of your ecommerce store launch

• Choosing the right platform to start your online business and prepare for growth

• The 7 important elements of an ecommerce website that converts well

• How to generate repeat business and advocates for your new brand

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop is aimed at beginners in ecommerce as well as established bricks and mortar brands ready to sell online.

Come to class with an idea of what product you’ll sell and who your target audience is.

About General Assembly

General Assembly offers full-time programs, part-time courses and workshops across design, marketing, technology and data.
Their modern hands on approach to learning skills like web development, user experience design, data analysis and digital marketing really resonates with their students and our own philosophy on skilling up.


12A, 45 William Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Google Map – Click Here

Cost $35

Interested? I’d love to see you there.


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