Prana Chai

Prana Chai is a boutique chai tea company born out of a St Kilda café with the freshest ingredients. Serving at many of Australia’s finest cafés, it was time for Prana Chai to get a website that matched the success the brand was experiencing in cafés and kitchens around the country.

Old Site

The old site did the job for a few years but as the web evolved and competition increased, maximising conversions and providing an easy mobile shopping experience became paramount.

Old Home Page

The shop page was a mess. The background didn’t allow for the text to become readable, the photography didn’t do the product justice and the call to action wasn’t clear and enticing.

Old Shop Page

Visit the site on mobile and you’d see where the big problems lay.

Old Mobile Home

The Redesign

We just launched new retail and wholesale sites.

Our goals for the redesign were simple:

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Improve order frequency
  • Improve average order amount
  • Create a content-friendly design that showcased the brand story and aesthetic
  • Make it easy to buy Prana Chai
  • Strip back the experience and eliminate features wherever not 100% necessary


Visit the new

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