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Is your current website Xmas ready?

Back when I was a merchant the run to Xmas usually started for me around the time my Tigers failed to make the finals for another year. Let’s call this time September. This is the time when I’d start getting nervous […]

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Case Studies

Prana Chai

Prana Chai is a boutique chai tea company born out of a St Kilda café with the freshest ingredients. Serving at many of Australia’s finest cafés, it was time for Prana Chai to get a website that matched the success the […]

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Job Opening: Junior Web Developer

The ideal candidate Whether it was for your Mums knitting club or a fan site for your favourite footy team, you’ll need at 2+ years experience making websites. They don’t have to be flash at the beginning or even making […]

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Great bar and restaurant website design.

Is this scenario familiar to you? It’s Wednesday night I’m in a cab, I get a text saying meet at BarBahBlackSheep and a link to the bar’s website. I bring up the site on my iPhone and it’s stretched across […]

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ecommerce tips

Selecting an eCommerce platform

Selecting an eCommerce platform is kind of like buying a house. Do you buy a one bedroom apartment for you and your girlfriend, or buy a bigger house with room to fit your future family? Do you choose the cheaper neighbourhood, or […]

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@ScottKilmartin dissecting websites live at the launch.


Our Launch

Thurs 6th of March at the Honey Bar in South Melbourne. The game plan was simple, launch Online Store Guys, tell our back stories, have our guests meet some interesting types and learn a few things about eCommerce in the […]

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Website Development

How to choose a website developer

In my previous business haul I had to select web developers more than once. In the early days when I was relatively new to Melbourne and the eCommerce space this was particularly daunting. Where to start, what was it going to […]

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Our Story

A few short months ago…

Six short months ago I made a call to a bloke I knew from another marketing agency about starting up a dedicated eCommerce business. We’d been passing work between our agencies for over twelve months now and although neither of […]

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