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Jordy Heis

Jordy has built a strong portfolio in marketing businesses both in Australia and internationally. One of his proudest achievements however lies closest to home, helping his father’s business grow to $1 million in the first 7 months and land key contracts with ANZ, Monash Uni and Crown Casino.

His love of great design was kindled in his formative years by collecting surfing brand brochures every summer down in Torquay, taking them home and trying to replicate the designs on his old clam shaped ibook. His passion has never waned, and has since worked for a boutique design agency with brands such as Versace and AAMI.

He later co-founded YABI, a youth mental health charity designed to raise awareness, where he engaged nationally recognised associations including the Geelong Cats and Headspace, as well as the #1 worldwide mental health ambassador Sir Stephen Fry to help in breaking down the stigma around mental health issues. He commented regularly in both newspaper and radio on the topic.

In between, Jordy has enjoyed some of the most ultimate lifestyle jobs he could think of…designing music posters for the world’s leading DJs in the Greek Islands and helping clients find untracked runs of dry powder, snowboarding in Japan.

Upon returning home, he founded North Black Marketing where first hand he realised the uncertainty and lack of knowledge most businesses had around selling online, so he honed an easily actionable and successful approach to grow his client’s businesses on the web.

Jordy combines his qualifications in design, marketing and business, as well as truly listening to people’s needs, to ensure clarity, confidence and understanding in any project he takes on.

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